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Sample Holder

The original sample holder for the diSPIM is an autoclavable stainless steel chamber made by ASI (I-2450). It uses a 24×50 mm coverslip as a transparent bottom. There is only ~5mm travel in both X and Y when 40x/0.8 WD objectives are being used; it was designed to minimize the fluid volume (only a few milliliters). Use the I-3078 stage insert. Contact ASI for CAD files.

A similar but slightly larger ASI-made sample holder accommodates larger objectives including the Nikon 25x/1.1 WD paired with Special Optics illumination objective (I-2460). It uses a 24×60 mm coverslip as a bottom. Contact ASI for CAD files. Use the I-4020 stage insert.

A petri dish is easily used as a sample holder and ASI makes a variety of stage inserts for all manner of dishes. Just make sure you get one large enough to accommodate the objectives, e.g. 85mm diameter.

Rusty Nicovich designed a larger 3D printed chamber that fits into the stage in place of an insert. It has a glass bottom and volume ~190mL. CAD files and more details at

A key advantage of the oSPIM system is that it can use 35mm glass-bottom dishes.