Variations and Add-ons

The diSPIM is inherently modular and easy to modify. Here are some variations on the basic diSPIM system already being used:

  • single-sided system with high-NA imaging objective (e.g. same objective used for lattice light sheet)
  • moving sample through fixed light sheet with XY stage
    • useful especially for flat samples so beam waist can stay on coverslip and sample size is not limited by piezo travel
  • emission filter wheels for better channel isolation
  • turret on bottom for different objectives (useful especially when doing photomanipulation)
  • photomanipulation from inverted microscope objective using ASI scanner and Projector plugin in Micro-Manager
    • possible using other home-built or commercial scanned illumination products as well
  • gated laser illumination in certain range of slices to avoid stimulating photosensitive section of sample
  • “anti-striping” or altering the angle of the beam to avoid shadowing effects

Other variations are in development by ASI, Hari Shroff's lab, and others. What do you want to do?