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Try to isolate the problem to the extent possible.

Problem Possible Reason Possible Fix
Communication error between software and hardware Power cycle the affected hardware and restart the software
One hardware element not responding Connect to the hardware using manufacturer's software or serial terminal for Tiger controller
Beams only come out of the objective if both beams are turned on Fibers going to the wrong scanner Exchange the fibers
Stage scanning cameras not getting triggered Hardware/firmware out of date Make sure you have Rev F XY card or later, make sure micro-mirror card has jumper on positions 11/12 of SV6
Acquisition images look different than alignment (look like epi view) Camera trigger cables swapped Swap the camera trigger cables
Inconsistent communication with Tiger controller Windows comm port problems Update USB to comm port driver, disable USB suspend in Windows per Micro-manager recommendations


The piezo objective movers are the most fragile and failure-prone component of the diSPIM. See the wiki page for care and troubleshooting instructions.


If you encounter bugs in the software it is best to contact the developers directly. For Micro-Manager see the wiki page for instructions.