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diSPIM preprocessing & GPU diSPIMFusion

For a 3D image with isotropic resolution, diSPIM images typically require preprocessing before processing. An ImageJ macro with a straight-forward user interface, is provided for each purpose.

Preprocessing involves background subtraction, region of interest (ROI) cropping, and 3D orientation; additionally, stage-scanning acquisitions must undergo coordinate transformation. The diSPIM Preprocessing macro performs all 4 tasks as necessary. It requires ImageJ version 1.48c or later, with Windows 7 OS.

Processing is constituted by image registration, joint deconvolution, and finally fusion. The GPU diSPIMFusion macro seamlessly performs all three functions. It capitalizes on the GPU for parallelized computation and therefore much faster results. It requires ImageJ, Windows 7 or 10 OS, a graphics card supported by CUDA 9, and an appropriate driver for the graphics card.

Manual and code available at GitHub.
Preprint is found on bioRxiv.
Contact Min Guo at with questions.