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Comparison of diSPIM With Confocal

  • Confocal has much more photobleaching/phototoxicity than SPIM (i.e. SPIM uses the excitation light much more efficiently)
    • In general for X slices you need X times as much light for confocal as you do for SPIM. The low light dose is the main reason people use SPIM.
    • Supplementary Video 2 of Wu et al. is a good demonstration; note how quickly the SDCM kills the cells.
  • Confocal has better Z resolution than single-view SPIM but worse than dual-view SPIM after registration/fusion. XY resolution is comparable.
  • Spinning disk confocal is just massively parallel confocal so it's faster but has the some characteristics otherwise.
  • diSPIM is comparable speed (per view) to to spinning disk confocal (assuming you increase the laser intensity to make up for the ~3% open area of the spinning disks).